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News in 2021

Erik Lekmkul and Suvitha Loganathan, graduate students in the lab, along with undergraduate researchers Hannah Ball and Alex Blythe were all named 2020 U of A College of Science Galileo Circle Scholars

The Zarnescu Lab was recently awarded funding from Tech Launch Arizona to develop small molecules with neuroprotective potential in ALS, in collaboration with Jon Njardarson.

Maria Macias, Alexander Blythe, and Hannah Ball, undergraduate students in the lab, were featured on Tucson radio station KXCI’s Thesis Thursday show talking about their research.

Hannah Ball received the Microscopy Society of America Undergraduate Research Award, as well as the UA Honors Thesis Legacy Award.

Nicolai Peña, an undergraduate in the lab, received the Nu Pho Psi National Chapter Undergraduate Research Grant, the UA Honors Thesis Legacy Award, the Michael A. Wells Research in Biological Sciences Scholarship, and the Graduate and Professional Student Council Grant.

Suvitha Loganathan was awarded the Bursary award and GPSC Travel Grant to attend Molecular Neurodegeneration 2019 held at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK.

Dr. Daniela Zarnescu led a Science Café talk, as part of the series hosted by the University of Arizona College of Science, at Saddlebrooke in Tucson, Arizona on November 7th. Her talk, entitled ‘Come Fly With Us: A Fruit Fly to Human Approach’, can be viewed here.

Randall Eck, an undergraduate student in the lab, was featured on Tucson radio station KXCI’s Thesis Thursday show talking about his research into changes in RNA stress granules in the aging fruit fly and rat brain.

Ernesto Manzo, a graduate student in the lab, successfully defended his thesis May 3. Ernesto will head to the Oregon Health and Science University for post-doctoral studies. Ernesto’s recent publication, “Glycolysis upregulation is neuroprotective as a compensatory mechanism in ALS”, was accepted into the scientific journal eLife.  

Gayatri Sadachar, an undergraduate researcher and Flinn Scholar in the lab, was named outstanding senior of the year by the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program.

Hiromi Fukuzaki, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, was named outstanding senior of the year by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Fukuzaki was also awarded the Danny Brower Memorial Scholarship, which honors a former UA professor accomplished in biology research.

Erik Lehmkuhl, a graduate student in the lab, along with undergraduate researchers Samantha Macklin, Dakotah Shreiner, Matthew Scandura, and Brittany Williams were all named 2019 U of A College of Science Galileo Circle Scholars

A number of undergraduates in the lab were admitted into research programs on campus this year that will support their research in the lab. Hannah Ball and Alexander Blythe were admitted into U of A’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program. Breen Belone was admitted into U of A’s Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention Program. Nick Pena was admitted into U of A’s Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program.

During the 59th Annual Drosophila Research Conference in April, Dr. Daniela Zarnescu was invited to host a presentation on her lab’s research. Her talk, titled “Lost in translation – RNA processing defects impact synaptic metabolism in neurodegeneration”, can be watched here.

Arizona Public Media spotlighted Dr. Daniela Zarnescu and her work to uncover the genes responsible for Lou Gehrig’s Disease in a recent article.

Randall Eck, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, was named one of U of A’s National Beckman Scholars and provided funding by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation to continue his work on stress granules in aging and ALS in the lab.

Undergraduate researcher Hiromi Fukuzaki was named a U of A Charles Hoyt Scholar for the second year in the row, the scholarship is in honor of a local high school science teacher.

Undergraduate researcher Stephen Yao, otherwise known as the “Fly Guy”, was featured in this great University of Arizona article about the benefits of undergraduate research.

Ernesto Manzo, a graduate student,  gave a talk on his work on metabolic dysregulation in ALS at the HHMI Gilliam fellowship annual meeting after being awarded their prestigious Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study.

University of Arizona News recently spotlighted Dr. Daniela Zarnescu’s collaboration with Dr. May Khanna and their search for a treatment to ALS using small molecules.

Dr. Daniela Zarnescu and her research lab at U of A, which uses fruit flies to study ALS, was recently spotlighted in a Tucson News article about support for the Southern Arizona ALS community.